Another New Year

As we begin another year I wonder how all of you did with last year’s resolutions.  Did you accomplish what you planned?  Do you feel better off now than you did a year ago?  When I began writing a monthly newsletter for my web page, I hoped the articles would reach out to many others and would help them look at the whole topic of forgiveness in a new and different light.  I asked everyone to access where they are now and where they would rather be on the journey to wholeness.  This month I want to encourage each one of you to do two things.  First of all, go back over the twelve newsletters I have written and take the time to think over what “rang a bell” as you read them.  Then think about what changes you tried as a result of pondering the concepts.

The second thing I want to ask you to do is do a friend or a relative a favor and tell them about my web page.  Lots of other people are dealing with an issue or hurt they are feeling.  Hopefully the articles will also help them to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves for this new year.