Attending a Joy of Forgiveness workshop helped me see forgiveness in a new light. Through activities and sharing I saw how much energy I was wasting if I held onto grudges and bad feelings. Forgiveness relieves not only emotional pain, but physical pains too!

The atmosphere created by Sandy at the workshop was very conducive to being comfortable talking with others. Because whatever we said was held in confidentiality, I didn’t need to hide my feelings. I knew “what was said at the workshop, stayed at the workshop.”  Sandy was very encouraging in her approach to forgiveness and I felt I could trust that she had my interests at heart.
Forgiveness is not easy, but this workshop gave me insights and tools to use to get past old hurts and move on to look more positively at life.


Being able to forgive can sometimes be a very difficult thing for people to do, but Sandy’s approach gives people the tools and encouragement to take these steps that lead to reconciliation. In the seminar she did at the Crystal Cathedral for the Care and Kindness Conference, one gentleman had not spoken to his brother for many years. Using the techniques Sandy employs, he and his brother have renewed their relationship and are enjoying their reconnection.

Deb Bourne
Crystal Cathedral, Orange County, CA

When I asked Sandy to do a retreat at our parish, it was in response to an RCIA candidate struggle with forgiveness. Little did I know that I had issues I had buried that needed to be brought to the surface and dealt with. I love Sandy’s realistic and accepting approach.  Because of her background and expertise, she is able to help on both a psychological and spiritual level. I feel blessed by the experience.

Marilyn Hughes
Webster City, Iowa

Sandy did a beautiful job facilitating our “Joy of Forgiveness” retreat during Lent! It was a real blessing to the people of our parish. The participants were highly complimentary of Sandy and eager for her to return.

Karen Curtis
Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Orangeburg, SC

I am so grateful for the “Joy of Forgiveness” class. I felt peace, acceptance, and love going from me to my family, and I was able to deal with my dad’s death due to forgiving him and myself. Thank you for guiding me through the forgiveness process.

Lynn Pavel
West Des Moines, Iowa

“The Joy of Forgiveness” exhibited a rare level of commitment and caring supported by your true expertise on the subject. Personally, I found it a rich and rewarding experience that helped me move along in my journey. It was evident that others felt the same positive results.

Stephaney Jones-Vo
Urbandale, Iowa