Life is Not Always Fair

While sitting on top of the world, a new principal – young, inexperienced and insecure – was hired.  I had struggled long and hard to put myself through college and worked to get a good teaching job.  I became a topnotch popular teacher and was an active member of the community.  I brought innovative new ideas to the system, started a great summer school program, and promoted arts and recreation for the young.  But the new principal ended all of my success because I was an active member of the NEA (National Teacher’s Association). Filled with bitterness, I left the district, finished my master’s degree and discovered a new promising career.  As a result, I discovered a whole new exciting adventure. The Chinese symbol for crisis has two parts which stand for danger and opportunity.  Today I am fulfilling my passion by helping others learn how to forgive their past hurts in order to live a better tomorrow. Each time life slams the door in our face, God opens a window for a new adventure. Remember: Everything that happens is a new beginning.