Spring Cleaning

For many people, spring is a time for an annual house cleaning. For years, I have had the habit of cleaning every square inch of our house from top to bottom. Since we moved to this “new” and different house last September, I am not sure how this annual project will get accomplished. There is a big difference between everyday straightening up the place and those times of heavy-duty cleaning when I move the furniture around.  Years ago when we had a live Christmas tree, I seemed to be able to still find pine needles in April!

Spring brings with it a sense of renewal. Spring is a time for cleaning out and throwing away or donating items we discover we no longer need or clothes that no longer fit. At the same time, we can view it as a time for getting rid of old habits that do not serve as well and putting on new ways of thinking. Many of us have just experienced another season of Lent and Easter or Passover. Lent was a time when we were able to realign our thoughts and our actions. We can choose to see things differently; to take another look at our we are living our lives.

Perhaps one of the most significant ways we can change our thoughts and actions is in the way we approach the topic of forgiveness. Our lack of insight and/or communication can result in our becoming critical, intolerant, and unforgiving. Our faith says that we are bound to forgive. Passover is a time when Jews remember how God saved them.  For Christians, Good Friday was the day Jesus forgave those who hung him on the cross. As you are spending time doing some spring cleaning this year, take time to express our faith by including a little forgiveness – of others and yourself.