The Days Are Long But the Years Are Short

There are days when we can feel like pulling our hair or screaming because nothing seems to be going right.  The kids are driving us nuts and we think it will be a miracle if we make it through the day.  Then, before we realize it, we stand back and observe as one of them starts Kindergarten, then high school, celebrates another birthday or some other momentous occasion and we think, “Where did the years go?  My baby is growing up.”

Any attempt to avenge a wrong, whether real or perceived, is one of the leading causes of violence in today’s society.  At home or in a school setting, when the act of forgiveness is taught and practiced , a welcoming environment ensures the safety of our children.  Until all of our children are safe, none of them are truly safe. We can teach children to realize that the power to forgive is within themselves.  One of the best gifts they can give themselves is to learn to forgive those that have hurt them.

A retreat participant shared these thoughts on forgiveness: “It reflects to me what forgiveness is.  From the rush of feelings that a person experiences when he/she has been hurt, to the relief and happiness that same person experiences when he/she realizes that he/she has the power to forgive the person who hurt him/her.”