Somebody Hurt You

Somebody hurt you and you cannot forget it.  You did not deserve the hurt and it went deep enough to lodge itself in your memory.  Most of us find that the pains of our past keep rolling through our memories and continue to resurface from time to time.

Forgiving is love’s toughest work and love’s biggest risk.  Our sense of fairness tells us people should pay for the wrong they do, but forgiving is love’s power to break nature’s rule.  Hurts are often very personal and can go deep.  When you feel this kind of pain, you have a wound that can be healed only by forgiving the one/s who wounded you.  Hate eventually needs healing.  Hate is a malignancy that hurts the hater more than it hurts the hated.  Hate is like a parasite sucking our own blood, not theirs.  Hate is a sign that we are sick and need to be heatled so we can be well.  The longer we hate, the harder it is to heal us.  Thee acan be no inner peace as long as we are filled with hate.  Forgiving is the ony way to be fair to ourselves.  forgiving stops the reeuns of pain and heals the memory.

In my next article, I will address how and why people hurt us.