One Little Letter

As Christmas draws closer, most of us are busy, busy sending Christmas cards and buying those special gifts. Some of the cards we receive are from some people from our past and it is our annual way to get caught up on what is happening in their lives. Rick and I have moved around several times in our lives so our list of “old” friends seems to … Read more


For many people, summer is a time for vacations. Since my husband likes to drive, most of our vacations have been by car since he retired. This gives us more flexibility seeing things off the beaten path and saves us the hassle of flying. In late July, however, we are going on a trip that requires airline travel. This means we will need to check in with the airline about … Read more


Looking for something to give up for Lent? Give up resentment and become more forgiving. Give up hatred and return good for evil. Give up complaining and be more grateful. Give up pessimism and become more hopeful. Give up worry and become more trusting. Give up anger and become more patient. Give up pettiness and become more joyful. Give up gloom and become more joyful. Give … Read more

Les Mis

As mentioned previously, Rick and I enjoy musicals.  Our favorite is Les Miserables which is based on the book by Victor Hugo.  We’ve seen several versions of both the movie and stage productions. It is probably the only major musical which I’ve paid to see multiple times. Although I have poor eyesight and am a slow reader, I spent weeks reading the whole book. Les Mis is the story … Read more


Few songs have been recorded and sung by more artists than Amazing Grace. It is one of  those hymns that the majority of people actually know well enough to sing during a church service. If you like to Google, you can read two very interesting verisions of the story behind its writing. What is your first thought or image when you hear the word Grace? My mind immediately pictures … Read more


One of the ways that I celebrated Lent this year was by participating in a CEW (Christian Experience Week-end). When we arrived at the campsite, each participant was given a nametag with her name and a sticker of a caterpillar placed in a corner. From Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, we heard from a number of Christian women who gave talks on a veriety of topics. … Read more

Spring Cleaning

For many people, spring is a time for an annual house cleaning. For years, I have had the habit of cleaning every square inch of our house from top to bottom. Since we moved to this “new” and different house last September, I am not sure how this annual project will get accomplished. There is a big difference between everyday straightening up the place and those times of heavy-duty … Read more

Leap Year Celebrations

Growing up I had a neighbor who liked to joke about how she was older than her grandmother.  Some people celebrate the fact that they were born on this special day while others find it a real hassle. Updating their personal files in this age of computer data recording has caused some of them problems.  How we approach any particular day is a matter of our attitude.  … Read more

Is a Hurt Resurfacing This Holiday?

Recently we finished a season of several holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.  Were these happy occasions for you or did some old uncomfortable feelings resurface? Now we are about to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a time when we are to think of those whom we love. Unfortunately, the holidays are a time when many people have to face other people or situations that remind them of a hurt they … Read more

Another New Year

As we begin another year I wonder how all of you did with last year’s resolutions.  Did you accomplish what you planned?  Do you feel better off now than you did a year ago?  When I began writing a monthly newsletter for my web page, I hoped the articles would reach out to many others and would help them look at the whole topic of forgiveness … Read more